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Hunger and Homelessness Revs Up for Day of Service

By Brian Compere
Media Coordinator

The Hunger and Homelessness campaign held a food and clothing drive last Wednesday in preparation for the National Day of Service on April 14, when volunteers will mobilize to Washington D.C. and give items raised by drives like this one to homeless individuals directly.

Campaign coordinator Shun Feng said that the drive raised “a good collection of non-perishable foods and a few clothing items.” He said the drive has been mostly hands-off, allowing volunteers to come up with their own ways to collect food and clothing, such as asking students in their dorms.

Even if you missed the food and clothing drive, you can still contribute. Although Feng said that there will not be any more formal tables set up to collect items, volunteers will still continue to collect items “informally, you know, like asking friends and floormates.”

If you have any clothes that don’t fit any more or clothes you just don’t need (you know you have free, oversized Maryland t-shirts you want to get rid of) send them our way and we’ll make sure it goes to good use. If you have an excess of dining points or Terp Bucks, put them to good use by helping feed the hungry.

Donations can be dropped off at the MaryPIRG office, 3110 South Campus Dining Hall