We banned fracking in Maryland!

By | Student PIRGs

Check out this blog post by MaryPIRG Students campaign coordinator Devorah Stavisky on how they helped ban fracking in Maryland!

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No Bees, No Food

We rely on bees to pollinate our food. Yet we’re allowing the use of bee-killing pesticides to drive them toward extinction. How does that make any sense?We're calling on the EPA to ban these toxic pesticides.


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Bottle bill would boost recycling in Maryland

Nearly 1 billion recyclable beverage containers will get trashed instead of recycled in Maryland this summer alone. Our low container recycling rate has serious consequences for public health, climate pollution and our quality of life.

Protect Clean Air

By | Maryland PIRG Students

Doctors, nurses, and public health officials agree: carbon pollution spewing from power plants fuels global warming, which threatens our health through dirtier air. Left unchecked, the deterioration of air quality triggers asthma attacks, heart attacks and other fatal diseases.

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Video: Student Rally for Offshore Wind in Annapolis

The Diamondback made a news video of our Rally for Offshore Wind in Annapolis. Check out the speech by Governor Martin O'Mally, Campaign Coordinator Sam Rivers, and "All We are Saying... Is Give Wind a Chance!"

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Offshore Wind Rally in Annapolis

Students, citizens, and lawmakers rallied in Annapolis to fight for Offshore Wind Power in Maryland. We have the chance to be the first state in our nation to create an Offshore Wind farm and make a giant step towards a clean and renewable future. Let's make it happen Maryland! See the full story.

Big Win for Plastic Bags

By | Brian Compere
Media Coordinator

The Prince George’s County Delegation of the Maryland House of Delegates voted 12-9 Friday to approve a recommendation to the full House to pass a bill that would implement a tax on the use of disposable plastic bags in retail stores.

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SGA Supports Plastic Bag Tax

The Student Government Association at UMD College Park voted in support of a disposable bag fee in Prince George's County! One step closer to reducing plastic bag use in our community. Check out the full article!

Petitions to Save the Chesapeake Bay

By | Sam Durdock
Chesapeake Bay Campaign Coordinator

Our latest tabling efforts garnered support for the Chesapeake Bay through signatures for a petition in support of smarter disposal of harmful runoff water that sends pollutants into the Bay. Over two days outside the STAMP Student Union last week, we were able to gather over 200 signatures for the petition.

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